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Maximum altitude: 4750 m. (Punta Union pass).
Difficulty: Moderate.
Duration: 4 days / 3 nights.
Best Season: April – October.
Location: Cordillera Blanca.
Average temperature: Between 13° C – 23° C during the day/ at night -03°C to – 1°C.


Day 1: Huaraz-Yungay-Llanganuco Lakes-Portachuelo (4768), Vaqueria-Paria (3,100 - 3,700 - 3,870 mt)
We leave by private bus from Huaraz around 6:00. The road follows the river Rio Santa and passes several villages before arriving in the village of Vaqueria. The drive includes crossing Portachuelo Pass, the highest point of the trip (4,767m). From here, we have one of the best views to observe the highest mountains of Cordillera Blanca. On the way to Vaqueria, we stop at the beautiful lake sister lakes called Llanganuco. After our arrival at Vaqueria we load the donkeys with everything, except what you wish to carry in your small day pack. Once on the trail we pass through the small villages of Huaripampa valley. We will hike an easy 04 hours to our first camp Paria.

Day 2: Paria-Punta Union-Taullipampa (3,870 - 4,750 - 4,250 mt)
We wake you up with hot tea in your tent and we will have breakfast ready around 6:30. We pack the tents while you eat and after breakfast the group will walk about five hours before reaching the highest point in this trek. The trail starts ascending towards Punta Union pass at 4,750 m. This old trail was heavily used in pre-Columbian and colonial times as a route for transporting goods from the eastern side of the Andes to the main valley. As we approach the pass, you will enjoy amazing panoramic views down the Santa Cruz Valley to the west, and views of the Huaripampa Valley to the east. The peaks of Santa Cruz surrounded by Andean vegetation of Quenual, the snow-capped peaks of Paria and Taulliraju, Artesonraju and Huaripampa will all come into view. We will see Taulliraju looming above us and on the other side its glacial lake. From this high point, it’s possible to see the all of Santa Cruz Canon, Artesonraju, Taulliraju, Rinrihircas, Chacraraju, Chopicalqui and Pucajircas. After take a break and Lunch we will keep walking down for 02 more hours until our next camp Taullipampa.

Day 3: Taullipampa - Arhuaycocha alpamayo view point - Jatuncocha, Ichicchocha, Llamacorral (4,250 - 4,480 - 3,760 mt)
After your morning tea (or coffee) and, breakfast. We pack the tents while you eat and after breakfast, the group will walk by a shortcut to alpamayo's base camp and visit the Lake Arhuaycocha at 4,450 mt. about 03 hours return before reaching the valley santa cruz again and walk to our last camp in the way you will see the lake Jatun cocha and Ichic cocha where so many ducks and Huachuas are enjoying freedom then about one more hour we will get to the camp site Llamacorral where our camp will already be set up. During the trek, you can appreciate the following mountains: Santa Cruz, Quitaraju, Artesonraju, Alpamayo, Taulliraju and Rinrijircas. We will also pass the lakes Icchicocha, Hatuncocha and Arhuaycocha. The lake Arhuaycocha boasts one of the most spectacular views within the entire Cordillera Blanca!

Day 4: Llamacorral-Cashapampa-Huaraz (3,760 - 2,970 - 3,100mt)
This is our last day inside to the Huascaran National Park. After our breakfast, we will trek downhill to the town Cashapampa which takes approximately 3 hours. As we descend, you will be able to notice a steady change in vegetation as we follow the river to Cashapampa. From there, we load the bus and have a 2-3 hour drive back to Huaraz.


  • 5 MEALS PER DAY ( breakfast, snack, lunch, tea time, dinner)
  • BREAKFAST: omelet, pancake, fruit salad, serial, scrambled eggs… coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, butter, jam, cheese etc.…
  • SNACK: fresh fruit, chocolates, crackers, cookies, sweets drinks.
  • LUNCH: salads, soups, rice, chicken, coca tea.
  • TEA TIME: different hot drinking’s, coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, crackers, popcorn, pizza, and Tequeños.
  • DINNER: different kind of soups, salads, main courses, pasta, chicken, trout, beef, VEGETARIAN FOOD, dessert, hot wine.
  • SLEEPING TENT  SUPERIOR (salewa 03 person en only for 02 person)
  • SPECIAL MAT. (size 2.00 cm X 60 cm X 0.7 cm)
  • Kitchen tent
  • Dining ten
  • Toilet tent
  • Certificated Trekking guide ( English spoken)
  • Certificated cook
  • Donkeys
  • Donkey driver.
  • 06 Kilos personal Luggage for the Donkeys
  • Kitchen and dining full utensils. Chair, table, stove, gas, plates, caps, forks.
  • First aid kit
  • Private transport (03 to 04  costumer we do the Trekking  by Public Transport)
  • Hot water every day in the morning to clean up your hands and face.
  • Boiled water to fill your bottle every day.
  • Include last day typical dinner and drink


  • Sleeping bag
  • Personal Trekking gear
  • First day breakfast
  • Entrance Fee (60.00 soles)
  • Travel accident and health insurance
  • Transfer - Airport/hotel/airport /bus station/Hotel – Lima
  • Bus ticket Huaraz/Lima
  • Travel luggage and Travel cancellation insurance
  • Not mentioned food (restaurant) and beverages
  • Personal Spending
  • Emergency  Horse
  • Nights Hotel in Huaraz.
  • Tips.


    • Hiking boots
    • trekking socks
    • Sun hat
  •  Hat for cold weather
    • microfiber shirts and thermal
    • Fleece
    • Trekking pants
    • Sunglasses
    • Day Backpack or advance 20-30 liters
    • waterproof jacket (Gore-Tex or other) seasonal
    • Waterproof Pant (Gore-Tex or other) seasonal
    • bottle
    • Headlamp (with extra batteries and bulbs)
    • Sunscreen (lips and skin)
    • Personal First Aid Kit
    • Photographic Material
    • Wash bag and towel
    • Sandals
    • Hiking poles
    • Toilet Paper.
    • Repellent
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05 to 08 Participants $ 239,99

•  If you book in advance we find the other participants for the Date you Choice. (Group Service considerate from 05 to 08 participants)We open a new group minimum Base on 02.

You should do early book to get special discounts.
For booking validation you should deposit a 30% of total price, and rest 70% you pay when you arrive to Peru or Huaraz.
•  Dear visitors you should know that our company service is available to provide wherever information regarding our trip, for detailed information you should request us and we will reply as soon as possible, because we have an expert guide available.
•  Our trek rates can change according the book time and number of participants, contact with us for more information please.

01 Participant $ 999.99 USD
02 Participant $ 519.99 USD
03 to 04 Participants $ 399,99 USD

If you Want to take this Service you can Book even a week before the departure Date, (group Service considerate from 05 to 08 participants)

if you are a family or mates over 04 people you can book even 2 days before your choice departure date.


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